Get Out There

We’re Dancing Our Way into Tennessee

We are so excited to be heading to Tennessee! We want to head outside, learn history and dance. Recently we learned that the Chattanooga Terminal Station is now the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel. We will be spending the night, humming the song for most of the evening!

For many nature lovers, Tennessee has gorgeous spots, fun outdoor experiences and more. For history buffs, there are many places throughout the state that hold importance in our countries past. As lovers of spots off the beaten path, we will be stopping at the Titanic Museum — a recreation of the downed ship. We’ll also have to stop in at The Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum and learn more about the history of the shakers.

But, we are focused on music. As music lovers, we are so excited; Tennessee is the home state of much of America's musical history. As we will be staying in Chattanooga, we will have to visit the North Shore Dance Paving Stones. Footprints on the pavement will teach us the footwork for different dances. In a tangential outing, we would quite like to see Dollywood, the Dolly Parton museum, theme park and hotel. There’s nightly shows and tons of family fun. For an even bigger show, we’ll swing by the Grand Ole Opry.

Then we’re off to Memphis. The roots of rhythm and blues, soul, gospel and rock can all be found in Memphis. The Memphis Music Hall of Fame is an excellent museum for anyone who wants to celebrate music! We want to head from there to Sun Studio, where B.B. King, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and more. There is a $14 daytime tour and a $200 version once people start recording in the studio. We’ll spend the evening on Beale Street, soaking in the ambiance while enjoying a meal and live music.

Finally, the next morning, we’re going to Graceland. Elvis Presley’s home is a place we have always wanted to see where he lived. We’ll learn about his life, interests and family. There are always special events there, and we’ll pay our respects at the King’s grave site while reflecting on all of our experiences on our trip to Tennessee.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading along on our mental trip to Tennessee. We would love to hear about your Tennessee experiences. Email us at

Banner: The gates of Graceland. Image: Edward Wayne Wilkins Jr., Wikimedia

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