Why You Should Add More Celery to Your Diet

We’ve written about celery in different ways in the past. We’ve spoken about the fact that the fad of celery juice probably isn’t healthy because, just like all other juices, it lacks fiber. We’ve also written that “ants on a log” is a childhood snack that deserves to make a comeback as a healthy favorite.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at just plain celery. Many people think of it as a “filler” vegetable. It’s found in soups and in things like tuna fish salad. And it can be used as an edible spoon for peanut butter or a dip. But, folks rarely focus on celery’s health benefits, flavor or why they should enjoy it more often!

“The father of modern medicine,” Hippocrates knew how beneficial celery is. He recommended eating it to lower anxiety and stress. That might be, at least in part, because of the high magnesium levels in the vegetable. It’s incredible to know that the vegetable has a long history of not just being a weight-loss food but heralded as a “superfood” even before the word was coined.  

Studies have found that this often-overlooked vegetable can significantly impact blood sugar. In a study, consuming celery leaf extract before meals lowered post-meal blood sugar spikes by 19.5 percent. The researchers concluded that eating celery would be an excellent way to keep blood sugar stable.

While celery has a satisfying crunch, it has a meager amount of digestible carbs. It’s rich in vitamins A, C and K and contains folate and potassium. The vitamin K and apigenin found in celery both fight inflammation and increase insulin sensitivity.

It’s so easy to add celery to your diet. You can add it to any salad; it goes well in soup; it is delicious braised; it’s a great replacement for chips! It’s also delightful in a green juice smoothie. The important thing in that instance is to use the whole celery — not simply the juice. While smoothies should be treated as meals because of their high-calorie content, they can be a great way to enjoy fruits and vegetables.      

One important thing to remember about celery is that some people are seriously allergic to it. It seems so innocuous that most of us wouldn’t think about it. However, it can cause severe, even deadly reactions, so telling guests if you include it in a recipe is best.

Banner image: Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

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