Working Out in Water Has Many Benefits

We are always looking for great ways to work out. We love going outside for long walks, hikes and bike rides in the summer. But, between heatwaves and crazy storms around the country, heading outdoors might not be on your agenda.

Instead, to beat the heat, head to a pool. Indoors or out, they are a great place to work out and cool off this summer. Pools are for more than just swimming when it comes to working out! We all know about the existence of water aerobics, but do you know about the benefits of working out in water?

We love that exercising in water puts less stress on the body and is more accessible to people of all fitness levels. But did you know that it burns way more calories? Treading water burns 11 calories a minute — the same as running at a speed of six miles an hour. The resistance water provides is constant, meaning more of your muscles work together to achieve your goal. You can use a kickboard for added buoyancy as you do some exercises.

Remember, if you don’t want to “exercise,” you could always just walk in the pool. It won’t feel like exercise. But the resistance the water puts on your body makes walking a lot more taxing than it is on land! Many people swear by doing push-ups using the pool’s edge when they are in it. It can be a great form of exercise. But you have to keep your body straight to avoid injury, and if the water in the pool is moving a lot, this might not be a suitable exercise.  

And, if you like exercise classes, water aerobics is wonderful. People think it’s a form of exercise that disappeared after the ’90s, but it’s still alive and well. Sometimes people treat the exercise like it’s a joke. But it burns a lot of calories, gets a ton of muscles moving and aids balance. It helps people recover from injuries faster, improves strength, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and sleep problems and helps you stay cool.

When you exercise in water, it’s essential to remember to drink water! You don’t realize how dehydrated you are when you are cool and don’t notice your sweat. Be sure to drink when exercising at a pool. Just because you feel cool doesn’t mean you aren’t getting warm from your workout. Stay hydrated and cool at the pool, and you can beat the heat while still exercising.

Banner image: Alex George via Unsplash

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