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Do Diet Sodas Increase Weight Gain?

You may have heard that diet soda can make you gain weight but poo-pooed it as just a myth. Now, research has found that diet soda can stimulate appetite and the brain’s reward center and cause cravings in women and obese people.

Soda Can Raise Blood Pressure

BP Dove helps maintain normal blood pressure through whole-body calming. In addition to lowering stress, you need to assess other aspects of your life when managing your blood pressure, including your diet. For instance, did you know that soda can increase your blood pressure?

Australia Ranks Juice as Worse than Diet Soda

The Australian and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation wants to give 100 percent fruit and vegetable juices a worse health rating than diet soda because of its high sugar content.

Diet Soda May Take a Toll on Heart

Drinking two liters or more of artificially sweetened drinks a week was linked to a 20 percent higher risk of atrial fibrillation. Sugary drinks increase the risk more.

Sugary Drinks Are Bad for Cholesterol

New research has shown that sugar-heavy drinks are linked to high levels of triglycerides and low amounts of HDL cholesterol and can increase the risk of heart disease. Data shows different beverages impact fats in the blood in an array of ways.

Diet Soda Just as Bad for Heart Health

Many of us make dietary changes for heart health. But, if you've replaced Coke with Diet Coke, you might need to think again. Research has found that people who have drinks sweetened with sugar or calorie-free alternatives have a higher risk of heart disease and stroke.

High-sugar Diet Can Make Food Less Tasty

A new study found that people who overeat may be doing so because they are not able to taste or enjoy their food as well as other people.

Two Sodas a Day May Shorten Life

A study now suggests that drinking two soft drinks a day increases a person’s risk of dying from all causes — even if they are diet drinks. It seems all sweetened soft drinks — be it from sugar or calorie-free sweeteners — damage health.

Care for Your Kidneys in Hot Weather

When the thermometer rises outside, there is a spike in people visiting the ER with kidney problems. The days are heating up, and we think it’s essential to revisit the topic of kidney health.

Influencer Dietitians Were Paid to Spread Misinformation

The WHO recently raised concerns about aspartame. Dieticians on TikTok are discrediting the WHO’s position because they were paid to do so by the food and beverage industry.

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