Soda Can Raise Blood Pressure

BP Dove helps maintain normal blood pressure through whole-body calming. When your body is under stress, and your sleep quality is poor, your blood pressure can suffer. It can be part of a healthy routine to help you achieve your goals. Of course, you should always speak to your doctor before adding any supplements to your routine. In addition to lowering stress, you need to assess other aspects of your life when managing your blood pressure, including your diet.

Most people immediately think of salty snacks when they think of foods that raise blood pressure. But did you know that soda can increase your blood pressure? We’ve spoken about the health reasons to give up soft drinks in blogs for both BergaOne and Glucocil. But, we usually focus on sugar and calories.  

A study found that soda increased blood pressure, especially diet soda. The participants in the study were in fifth grade, which shows that blood pressure concerns can plague a person at any age! The researchers did point out that there is a flaw — a fifth-grader who is picking diet soda may be doing so because of their weight. If a child is overweight, they or their parent may opt for diet soda as a drink, and they may be predisposed to having higher blood pressure.

But, there is another possibility. Soda, especially diet soda, is surprisingly high in sodium. Researchers believe it’s the sodium, rather than the artificial sweeteners, that make diet soda a threat to blood pressure. You don’t register the salt, but your body does. Another study found that soda can cause bloating and fluid retention that can cause short-term increases in blood pressure. But, that impact isn’t limited to diet soda.

Even one soda a day does add up. The added salt is something you don’t think about while calculating your diet. We’ve spoken a lot on our other blogs about alternatives like fruit-infused water and teas. Hydration is so essential to health. But, sometimes, water is just boring. And if you aren’t interested in water and it’s not a hot day, you can forget to drink. That’s why it’s important to find healthy, low-calorie alternatives! If you like carbonation, sparkling water can fit the bill. Just be careful with flavored seltzers. If you look at the label, some of them might as well be soda! Ween yourself off soda; your blood pressure will thank you!      

Banner image: Ashley Kirk via Unsplash

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