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Four Side and Dessert Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

In the past, we’ve shared a lot of great Mexican recipes. But they’ve all been for main dishes. Today we’re focusing on side dishes and desserts for Cinco de Mayo.

Hibiscus Tea Is Delicious, Lowers Blood Sugar

As San Diegans, we’re used to seeing iced hibiscus tea in every Mexican restaurant. If you don’t live here, you can buy hibiscus tea in stores. And, with its health properties and great impact on blood sugar levels, you should try it!

Four Wonderful Low-carb Tamale Recipes

We are sharing four tamale recipes that you can make at home that won’t upset your blood sugar. Two keep the traditional shape, and two are tamale pies that might be easier if you are less comfortable with the steaming technique.

Grilling Recipes to Get You Outside

Being outside is relatively safe and important for your mood and health. With the weather becoming warm, or downright hot in some areas, we think grilling is a great way of eating healthy and being outdoors.

Pantry Egg Recipes

COVID-19 is leaving people with more free time in their home and to cook breakfast. Here are four egg recipes that use things you probably already have in your pantry.

Four Wonderful Slow Cooker Chicken Dinners

There is a wide variety of meals you can make in a slow cooker, which means there are endless possibilities! Today we’re sharing four chicken options that are great dinner options for you.

Celebrate Salsa Month with Four Delicious Recipes!

We love salsa. That might be because we’re based in southern California. Good, homemade salsa is always delicious. The stuff from a jar is tasty, but it can have many additives, including sugar. Here are four great salsa recipes you’ll love!

Four Beef Slow Cooker Dishes You’ll Love

We’re back with more slow cooker recipes. This time we’re focusing on beef. While many recipes can be cooked in a slow cooker, we’re focusing on ones that do best with the “low and slow” method.

History, Aliens and Breathtaking Vistas

Getting outside is good for your physical and mental health, it lets you unwind, relax, get fresh air and get your heart pumping with more walking than you usually might do. So, let's plan a tour of New Mexico, a state bursting at the seams with Native American history, beautiful nature and odd pieces of Americana.

White House, Leaders Urge Action as COVID-19 Still Rising

COVID-19 is still rising in 27 states. The news that over half of the states are still seeing mounting COVID-19 is alarming. Now, the White House and state leaders are asking us to do more when possible.

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