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Fun Outdoor Crafts for Cinco de Mayo

We love celebrating holidays! Today is Cinco de Mayo. It’s the perfect time to have a taco night! You should enjoy the nice weather this weekend and invite people over for a party.

While many people think Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day. That’s actually September 16. Today celebrates the victory of Mexico over France at the Battle of Puebla. Cinco de Mayo isn’t widely celebrated in Mexico; it’s a bigger holiday for Mexican Americans. It’s a great time to enjoy Mexican food and celebrate Mexican culture.  

When having a party for family and friends, crafts are a fun activity for kids and adults. They are entertaining and can make your party more memorable. Here are three inexpensive ones that would be perfect!

Easter Egg Maracas


We’re betting you still have some plastic Easter eggs floating around your house. Whether someone gives them to you as a gift or you make an Easter basket for a child in your life, there seem to be Easter eggs floating around for months after the holiday. Now is the time to use them. This is an excellent craft to do outside as you fill the egg with popcorn kernels or dried beans. If you are making it with kids, the popcorn is bound to go everywhere. Plus, maracas are loud and more fun in your yard than in the house! Get the instructions.

Paper Plate Piñata


This is such a fun craft, and your guests have almost certainly never done it before! No one thinks they can make their own piñata. They’re so complicated. It’s certainly not something you think you can do in a couple of minutes. But, using just paper plates, staples, twine, glue and tissue paper, you can make pretty and fun piñatas! You can fill them with sugar-free candy or small unbreakable toys. Kids and adults will get a kick out of this! Get the instructions.

Papel Picado


Colorful paper banners are a popular way to decorate celebrations in Mexico. Everything from Weddings to holidays and birthdays will feature the gorgeous tissue paper banners. In the U.S., we frequently see them in Mexican restaurants. You can have your guests help you make them to decorate your party and then bring them home to adorn their own house. They are beautiful decorations that are easy to make and use a similar method as cutting paper snowflakes! Get the instructions.

We hope these three crafts bring fun to your weekend! They’re great ways to celebrate Mexican culture and have a good time at a party!

Banner image: Davis Arenas via Pexels

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