Best Help for Knee Pain

They say that nothing is certain except death and taxes. That might be true. But knee pain is so common as we age it feels like it should be added to that list. The good news is there are ways to help yourself heal it.

Knee pain can hold you back from doing what you love. It can be excruciating and keep you from participating in fun activities.

Usually, knee pain is caused by stiffness. When your joint becomes tight, your body has to compensate, and it results in a stress feedback loop that puts pressure on your knee and ligaments. Using mobility moves, you can aid blood flow, ease tension in your tissue and help your body function as it should.

Stretches can help you loosen up your body, and your knees will thank you. Some moves recommend that you use weights to enhance the impact. You should start out slow, talk to a doctor about what is right for you when it comes to exercise, and remember that when you move your own body weight acts as its own form of weightlifting.

While our first urge is to take all the weight off and rest, there are better courses of action than that. Again, you should check with your doctor to figure out a plan. Rest is your best course of action if you have a sports injury. For other problems, like arthritis, moving your joints and muscles is far better.

When you have arthritis, it’s appealing to cut out exercise. But walking and remaining active will help you feel better and move more easily.  

Genetics is a huge factor when it comes to arthritis. But, if you struggle with your weight, losing some can help lower stress on knee joints. When you walk, the force on your knees is three or four times your weight. The less you weigh, the less work your knees are doing. And knee pain can start from the ground up. Wearing the right shoes can make a huge difference as they keep you in alignment and evenly distribute stress. Finally, a diet that lowers inflammation can help your joints be more comfortable.

Knee pain may be as universal as death and taxes. But it doesn’t have to be inescapable. Everyone may experience it, but we can also overcome it. By taking the right course of action for your needs, you’ll soon be on the mend and back to your favorite activities!  

Banner image: Towfiqu Barbhuiya via Pexels

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