Get Out There

Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up this Monday. It’s a wonderful time to get out into your community and meet your neighbors!

Earth Day happens every April 22. It was established in 1970 by students and politicians. “Earth Day is an annual celebration that honors the achievements of the environmental movement and raises awareness of the need to protect Earth’s natural resources for future generations,” National Geographic said.

It’s a day with a history of activism. A great way to celebrate is to help in your local community! You can join a community garden and meet other gardeners in your area to share your knowledge and learn from them. You can also volunteer for activities like tree plantings or park clean-ups. If you have a garden of your own, you can attend a seedling swap. You bring seeds or cuttings of plants from your garden to exchange with other gardeners. It’s a great way to make friends and get new plants for free!

If you enjoy learning, many community centers offer lectures or classes on ecological conservation or sustainability to help you learn more about how you can help. It’s a great way to continue learning throughout your life and meet new people in your neighborhood. Plus, you might run into neighbors you haven’t seen in a while and have a chance to reconnect over a shared interest!

If you want to get some gentle exercise, there are plenty of bird-watching and nature walks you can join. They are lovely ways to lower your stress, improve your mental well-being and get in your steps. You can also take a walk around a farmer’s market. It’s an excellent way to shop locally, support small businesses and try local produce!

If it’s pouring down and you don’t want to celebrate outdoors, you have ways to celebrate at home! You can clean out your closet of clothes that can be donated. So many clothes are thrown away yearly that could go to thrift shops or shelters. You can change your light bulbs for energy-saving versions that save money and power. You can also fix any leaks in your home that are wasting water. Even a small leak can waste hundreds of gallons over time. Another activity you can try is to start a compost bin to turn food waste into fertilizer to help you grow your garden without buying expensive chemical fertilizers!

However you decide to celebrate, we hope you have fun. Now that the weather is bright and warm around the country, it’s a great time to enjoy the great outdoors and take care of the planet!

Banner image: Akil Mazumder via Pexels

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