Drinking Okra Water May Aid Blood Sugar

From time to time, we like to revisit some of our favorite ingredients in new ways. It’s important to remember that there are so many ways to eat the same foods! And, just because you don’t enjoy something one way doesn’t mean you dislike it altogether. Okra is a perfect example.

Okra is an incredibly healthy vegetable that we have written about in the past. It’s a low-carb, high-fiber veggie rich in probiotics and nutrients. Half a cup has just 17.6 calories and 3.9 grams of carbs but contains two grams of fiber. The problem is, many people don’t like its texture. It has been described as both slimy and squishy.

While fried okra is delicious, it’s also profoundly unhealthy. That’s why we have shared a tasty recipe for roasted okra in the past. The dish lets you enjoy the flavor and the crispiness without all the extra fat!

Today, we’re looking at another option: okra water. We like this for a few reasons. We always enjoy finding more things to drink than just plain water. We appreciate that this might help you overcome the stumbling block of the texture. And, even as a drink, it might help keep blood sugar level.

All you need is four to five pods of okra cut lengthwise, soaked in a cup of water for eight hours or overnight. You squeeze the water from the pods, strain the liquid into a glass to separate any solids and drink the water. The drink is slightly bitter, unlike most fruit- or veggie-infused waters. Many people suggest seasoning it with salt and pepper.

You might think that the drink wouldn’t be able to help blood sugar levels. After all, it doesn’t have any fiber in it. But, it does contain polyphenols and flavonoids that can help lower blood sugar. More studies are needed to see if and how much of an impact it has, but the signs are good. It’s a drink filled with healthy antioxidants that have helped blood sugar in other studies. Staying hydrated is good for blood sugar and, during this heatwave, having a lot of drink options is a must!

You should be careful when drinking okra water if you are on some medications. Some blood sugar medications can interact with okra. Okra can lower your absorption of some drugs. If you are taking meds, you should speak to your doctor before adding okra to your diet.

Banner image: おにぎり via Unsplash

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