Four Low-carb Nacho Recipes You’ll Love!

You might have been expecting Halloween recipes today; we’re planning on doing those next week. October 21 is International Nacho Day, and we’re celebrating. We know it seems silly how many holidays our blog observes, but we think you’ll agree that nachos are one thing we all love universally — hence an international day dedicated to it!

Nachos have spread around the globe from Mexico. In Greece, they use pita chips. In India, they use naan. But, around the world, they tend to be high in carbs. You can simply use low-carb tortillas baked into chips to lower the carbs in your nachos. But, we’re looking at recipes that elevate the dish and make it genuinely delicious while having fewer carbohydrates.

Pork Rind Keto Nachos


We’ll say it before someone else does: pork rinds are high in fat and far from a dietetic food. If you are following a strict keto diet, they can work as part of a weight-loss plan. This dish only uses four ounces total, and it serves eight, so it’s not as bad as the title might sound, but it is essential to pay attention to your serving size! They are a delicious and crunchy substitute for carb-heavy chips, but this is definitely a recipe that’s a treat rather than a staple! A serving has 318 calories, 1.4 grams of carbs and 0.4 grams of fiber. Get the recipe.

Keto Nachos with Spicy Chicken


This recipe is another treat as opposed to a staple. It’s cheese on cheese. It uses cheese crisps in place of chips. They’re topped with spicy chicken, avocado, tomatoes, onions and different cheese. These are a delicious and decadent lunch or appetizer that you are sure to love! The method to make them is so easy that they don’t take long, but they look impressive! If you are having any gatherings this fall, these nachos are sure to be a hit. A serving has 330 calories, four grams of carbs and two grams of fiber. Get the recipe.

Low Carb Nachos with Mini Peppers


If you are looking for a recipe that could become part of your everyday rotation, this is the one. It’s substantially lower in fat and calories. It’s tasty and fun; it’s just a lot healthier! Instead of chips, this recipe uses halved mini peppers to scoop up toppings. You lose the empty carbs and add some veggies into your day! This is a dish you will find yourself making again and again because it’s easy and yummy. You can make it even healthier but using chicken instead of beef. A serving has 228 calories, six grams and two grams of fiber. Get the recipe.

Keto Nachos (with Legit Tortilla Chips)


If you simply don’t think nachos are nachos without chips, these are for you. Maybe none of the other recipes on this list speak to you. Maybe even baking low-carb tortillas won’t fit the bill. But these nachos use the website’s recipe for low-carb chips as a base. They are tasty; they’re also more work-intensive as you have to make chips, requiring more ingredients. This is the most complicated recipe we’re sharing today, but — if you need chips to feel satisfied — this will certainly hit the spot. You can buy low-carb tortilla chips, but we haven’t found any that people praise. Making these is your best choice. They are delicious! A serving has 279 calories, nine grams of carbs and 4.5 grams of fiber. Get the recipe.

These nacho recipes are all different from one another, and we hope they inspire you to try them soon. They’re a great way to celebrate this international holiday and enjoy the dish with fewer carbs!

Banner image: Natasha Bhogal via Unsplash

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