Four Sweet and Savory Fig Recipes

Last Thursday, we talked about how wonderful blueberries are. They are one of our favorite fruits, and they are in season. Today we are looking at another favorite you usually don’t see out of cookie form: figs.

Figs are a delicious fruit. Unfortunately, most of us only come across them in fig newtons, which are really high in carbs. Two Nabisco Fig Newtons are only 100 calories but have 21 grams of carbs! Our regular supermarkets around here don’t usually carry figs. We tend to see them in three spots:  Walmart Supercenters, upmarket supermarkets or farmer’s markets. Walmart Supercenters tend to have such a wide variety of produce that they have more than our regular stores.

Low in carbs, figs are a fruit we should all enjoy more of. We’re sharing these recipes that could see you through the whole day. You could treat yourself to a fig-themed culinary day with four recipes to explore!

Fig Jam


This thick, sweet jam will trick anyone into thinking it’s loaded with sugar. But it really isn’t. On a slice of low-carb toast, this jam is the perfect way to start off your day. And you don’t need fresh figs to make it, dried is just fine! You’ll enjoy the flavor while the fruit is in season, but you don’t need to find them ripe in the store! The recipe doesn’t call for pectin, which also makes it easier! A serving has 35 calories, nine grams of carbs and 1.5 grams of fiber. Get the recipe.

Cauliflower Pizza Crust with Figs and Walnuts


We’ll be honest, we don’t like calling this a pizza. It’s not a pizza. Just because something is flat and round doesn’t make it a pizza. We’re not sure what makes a pizza a pizza. We’ve had pizza with cauliflower crusts that were pizzas. White pizzas, and pizzas with pesto sauces, are real pizzas. Pizza can have fruit on it, or else the Hawaiian pizza wouldn’t exist. Nevertheless, when you add everything up about this recipe, this pizza is not a pizza. However, it is delicious. And it can be a delicious lunch if you want to have a day devoted to figs. A fourth of this tasty dish is 229 calories and 13 grams of carbs with four grams of fiber. Get the recipe.

Fig-balsamic Glazed Beef Kabobs


These skewers are great on the grill! It’s perfect grilling weather. These onion and steak kabobs are packed with flavor from garlic, balsamic vinegar and — you guessed it — figs. The instructions call for bamboo skewers. We see no difference between those and metal. We will say that if you use wooden ones, be sure to soak them thoroughly, so they don’t burn! And no matter what kind you are using, we always find that spraying a little cooking spray on the skewers helps the food come off more easily at the end. A serving has 209 calories, 13 grams of carbs and 1.9 grams of fiber. Get the recipe.

Sugar-free Fig Cake


We like this cake which is different from most as it doesn’t use many sweeteners. It’s a cake that would impress company. Of course, this summer, “company” is in short supply. But, if you bake it now, you can practice and have it perfect and in your repertoire to impress people with when parties are back on the agenda! It’s the perfect way to finish off your fig-filled day. A slice has 123 calories and nine grams of carbs. Get the recipe.  

So, there you have it, four fig recipes to enjoy while the fruit is in season. We hope you enjoy them! As some don’t actually require fresh fruit, they should be easy to make even if you can’t find them in your produce aisle! While it’s always fun to cook with what’s in season, it’s also great just to try new recipes!

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