Freebies, Lotteries and Guidelines Spike Interest in Vaccine

The number of people getting the COVID-19 vaccine every day had been starting to fall. But, when it was announced that vaccinated people were safe to be mask-free at large, indoor gatherings, saw a massive uptick in visitors.

The site received its second-highest number of visitors ever the afternoon of the announcement. People who have been holding out to get vaccinated, waiting to see the results, see that they are pretty great, and the renewed interest is excellent!  

Different people are interested in getting the vaccines for various reasons. For some people, it’s to protect their own health; for others, it’s to able to get back to living a normal day-to-day life. There are also a lot of incentives. When it comes to the carrot and the stick, the whole last year was a stick, so we’re interested in the carrot!

There are a lot of corporate giveaways and discounts for people who get vaccines. Supermarkets offering vaccines are often giving people 10 percent off coupons. Sports teams are offering free or discounted tickets to people who get a shot — there’s even a lottery for Super Bowl tickets! Krispy Kreme was very vocal about giving away free doughnuts to every person who would show their vaccine card. Now, Anheuser-Busch says they will give away beer, seltzer and non-alcoholic drinks if the country reaches the goal of having 70 percent of adults having had at least one shot by July 4.

On top of companies offering gifts, discounts and prizes, states have started having lotteries and incentives. Awards range from 15-million-dollar grand prizes to fishing licenses — with everything from pickup trucks, college scholarships, vacations and concert tickets in between. The list of things you might win is incredible. The idea of states having lotteries to help reenergize vaccine efforts started in Ohio. There, vaccine rates rose 33 percent in a week after the one-million-dollar Vax-a-Million lotto was first introduced. While some of the prizes are huge, there is often an immediate gift, like the 50 dollar card you receive if you get vaccinated in California.

Some people wanted to be vaccinated right away. Because of health concerns, or plans that couldn’t wait, they were champing at the bit. Others are more hesitant. The spike in the visits to the vaccine website happened right after the CDC made its mask announcements — before many of the lotteries had begun. Many people are getting vaccinated simply to participate in their communities again. The mask guidelines or the incentives might be what pushes you to get the shot. But, no matter what you choose, we hope you are safe, well and looking forward to a healthy summer!  

Banner image: Marisol Benitez via Unsplash

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