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House Cat Climbed New Hampshire’s Tallest Mountain

On Fridays, we like to go out into the world. We also enjoy taking a look at the sillier side of the news. Today, we get to combine both of those things with a story that caught our eye recently! A hiking cat reached the summit of the tallest mountain in New Hampshire, and we couldn’t be more pleased for the feline.

When you think of cats in the wild, you picture mountain lions, not domestic cats. But, Floki has taken social media by storm. She has accompanied her owner, Mel Elam, up New Hampshire’s 48 tallest mountains. We love looking for inspiration to get ourselves moving, but it’s never come in the form of a cat before.

After Ms. Elam lost her beloved dog, who was her hiking partner, she adopted a cat. The fact that cats aren’t traditionally hiking companions didn’t stop Ms. Elam from bringing Floki along for her trips. Floki has a leash when she is walking, a vest for cold weather and a harness for being in Ms. Elam’s backpack when she needs to be carried.

Their hikes were documented on social media as Adventures with Floki. Photos and videos caught their journey together. They completed their list by climbing Mount Washington, which, at 6,288 feet, is the tallest point in the state. Next, Ms. Elam wants to climb the 52 mountains with the best views in the state, so Floki’s fans won’t have to say goodbye to new photos any time soon.

We always say that any motivation to get outside and get moving is good motivation. We know that some people need a partner to hit the trails. And losing a pet can be devastating. We’re so pleased that Ms. Elam found a hiking partner to share her adventures with and documented it for the world. A cat is an unusual travel buddy, which is probably why her story picked up so much traction.

If you want to try walking with your cat, it’s not hard to do, but it does require some steps. Leashes for cats are different than those for dogs. And, cats often take longer to leash train than dogs. You train them to get used to their leash and walk on one indoors before attempting to take them outside. Even indoor/outdoor cats need the extra step.

Walking with a cat can be great for their energy levels if you have an over-excited cat. And, it can motivate you to get out more. If you start treating walking your cat as part of your routine, it can be just as much exercise as owning a dog! Walking your cat is also a good idea if you live in a busy area and want to let your cat outside but worry about vehicles or predators.

All in all, we loved learning about Floki’s adventure and think that we can all borrow some inspiration from her hikes. We could all get out more, and companionship can make a difference!

Banner image: Adventures with Floki Facebook Page

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