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Indoor Gardening Can Keep Your Home Green and You Cool

All year long, we urge you to get outside. In the fall, we talk about enjoying the crisp air. In the winter, we write about bundling up. In the spring, we rave about the sunshine. Now we’ve reached the point in the summer where we waver a little bit.

If the weather is good, go outside! Time spent outdoors improves so many health conditions and your mental health. It’s also much easier to reach your exercise goals when you are outdoors. Enjoying long hours of sunshine is wonderful.

But, when it’s brutally hot and humid outdoors, it is sometimes better to stay inside for your health. If the summer feels like it takes a toll on you, speak to your doctor. Some health concerns and medications make hot weather harder for some people than others. There might be ways you can enjoy the summer more by making a plan with your doctor.

If it’s just too hot out for you, you can always bring the outside world indoors! Many people think indoor gardening is just for winter. However, it’s a year-round hobby that lets you make your home greener and healthier. Indoor plants improve the quality of the air. They also help lower stress and improve well-being and cognition.

Indoor gardening has huge mental and physical payoffs. “One of the best things about caring for indoor plants is the beautiful exchange that happens: Plants depend on us for care and in turn, they take care of us by improving the air we breathe and making our space more beautiful,” said Lauren Garvey, a licensed professional counselor. “I also think plants are hopeful. As they grow and blossom, they can be an important reminder for us of things to come.”

When you shift your gardening skills inside, you are never restricted by the weather. It could be 110 degrees or -10, but your plants can still look stunning. And, if you aren’t the most enthusiastic gardener, a window box herb garden takes minimal effort to set up and maintain. It’s an attractive way to decorate your kitchen with life and can help improve every dish you make!

Before you rush out to buy seeds or plants, do some research to figure out what you want to grow and how to help your plants thrive. Gather everything you need and start small. Don’t try to fill your home with plants in a week. Start with a few plants, learn how to help them flourish indoors and expand from there. Check your plants daily to ensure they are on track and developing correctly, then enjoy your time in your improved space!

Banner image: Vadim Kaipov via Unsplash

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