Is Hydrogen Water Worth the Hype?

Gen Z cares a lot about their water bottles. We only care that we stay hydrated. We have never bought into the crazy hype around water bottles or Stanley Cups. As long as we’re hydrated, we’re happy. But we are always interested in learning more about water.

People have been discussing hydrogen water’s health benefits for the last couple of years. Many people dismissed it as being quack medicine. The water bottles to make it at home start at around $30 to $40, making lots of folks ignore it. Why spend that much when cheaper water bottles exist?

But over the last few weeks, significant, reputable news outlets have been examining it, making more people pay attention. Before you sink money into a pricey water bottle, we want to look at all the science so you can decide if it’s right for you.

You don’t need a hydrogen water bottle, you can buy it in the store. Making it at home is cheaper in the long run, but it’s sold in the bottled water aisle of supermarkets. It is normal water with hydrogen gas dissolved into it. It has the same Ph level and molecular structure as normal water. It tastes no different than normal water. However, companies selling it claim it boosts energy, slows energy and lowers inflammation.

Hydrogen has antioxidant properties in the body. Research has suggested it might reduce oxidative stress, improve athletic performance, and help you feel less fatigued after exercising. It may also hydrate you better. Hydrogen water molecules are smaller and may be more easily absorbed by the cells. However, in an open glass, hydrogen will evaporate from water quickly. Unless you drink the whole glass within a half hour, you’re drinking normal water.

Even though hydrogen water has been on the market for several years, research about it is still ongoing. Animal and human trials suggest it may aid metabolic health, cardiovascular diseases and neurodegenerative problems. But the jury is still out, and you should check with your doctor to be sure there isn’t a reason why you should avoid consuming more hydrogen. Experts don’t think there are health risks from drinking hydrogen water, but you might have specific reasons to avoid it.

People who have tried the bottles report feeling better using them while exercising. Their reviews are anecdotal but seem honest. A lot seem to cite how fun many of the bottles are. The water bottles bubble — and some even light up — as they ionize the water. Adding a fun show to a beverage can make you drink more often. It could be that people are just drinking more often and staying more hydrated so they feel better.

An article from McGill Univ. looked at the studies about hydrogen water. It said, “None of these are particularly compelling, but neither can they be dismissed.” It concluded that it would be hard to get enough hydrogen from water for an excess to enter the bloodstream.

Our final conclusion is that if a neat water bottle that bubbles will help you drink more water, go for it! Anything that adds more water to your day is terrific. However, no decisive proof exists that these expensive water bottles or bottled hydrogen water will improve your health.

Banner image: Marek Mucha via Unsplash

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