Outdoor Gym Classes Cropping Up Around the Country

Many areas of the country are gripped in heatwaves. But, some areas are cooler, and people are out and about enjoying more temperate summer weather. For folks who like gym classes, the great outdoors has become the place to work out.

Areas are still impacted by shutdowns. Gyms across the U.S. are closed for safety concerns. But, many people find it hard to exercise on their own. Having a teacher means instruction, and having a class can be a big motivator to get up and get moving! So, gyms have been moving outside.

There have been some challenges. Some teachers have had to learn where and when sprinkler systems come on in parks! The weather has to be taken into account: scheduling classes for the cooler parts of the day. But, for “hot pilates and yoga” classes, no heaters are needed under these conditions!

While it’s hard, we’re trying to make the best out of it,” said Dana Fleischman, manager of Fitness Rangers. “With everything going on in the world, if we can provide a positive outlet for fitness, I think that’s the least we can do.”

The rules for classes vary from area to area. Most areas are limiting class sizes and requiring social distancing. And, most allow people to forgo masks while exercising, as wearing them to exercise can be difficult for many people. Some areas are adapting rules that gyms had in place while briefly reopened.

Some people were wary of trying out the classes. Even if you are socially distanced, there is a lot of heavy breathing in a workout! And, people touch the same equipment if you are in a class. However, reports from people who have tried them have been positive. The spacing allows people to breathe. Classes are disinfecting equipment or providing enough so that folks don’t need to share. People like that smaller classes mean more attention from instructors. And, it’s nice to get back into a group setting that feels more “normal” and gets you into the right mindset to exercise and be motivated!

Many different organizations are offering classes. You can reach out to your usual gym to see what they are doing. If you don’t belong to a gym, community centers in your area may be offering classes to help people get outside during the pandemic. The classes are also cropping up through many YMCAs.

The Y is happy that we can offer our members and program members choices,” said Dani Hutchison, Director of Marketing and Events in Southeast Ventura County. “Some people prefer an in-person experience while others feel more comfortable working out at home. Safety is our number one concern.”

So, call around today, and find a class that’s right for you!

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