Retro Workouts Can Bring Fun and Nostalgia

Most Americans are stuck inside and bored. Many people are anxiously watching the news, justifiably concerned about the future. Exercise can distract you, fill time, boost your endorphins and aid fitness. But, working out can be dull in the moment, and it can be hard to get motivated.

Recently, on the blog, we looked at great free apps to help us all stay healthy during these trying times. Many of those included great workouts. But the problem is, humans are social beings. Seeing a video that shows us steps to follow is useful, but it’s less motivating when we’re alone without being surrounded by folks at the gym to keep us motivated. That’s why, when we heard about a new trend, we were interested.

People are turning to the old methods of working out at home: retro workout videos. We love the old videos. They were specifically designed to get you moving when you were at home alone. Many workout classes now lack the fun music and high energy. They were intended for everyone to do from home. Because of that, they are more aimed toward light cardio.

In the relatively early days of the fitness industry, the most popular exercise was gentle and easier than we see it today,” said Danielle Friedman, a journalist who is writing on a book on the history of women’s fitness. “But as the science of exercise has evolved, the exercise itself has become more than just a science, and in that seriousness, it has taken some of the fun.”

Things like Jazzercise have been replaced by workouts meant to aid fitness through a hard workout. Some people with health concerns or are older cannot keep up with the intense workouts. Jazzercise and other exercises like it are a fun experience that gets your heart pumping. You can enjoy the 1986 Jazzercise Fit and Physical video here. It’s a fifteen-minute workout that’s more fun than an app! The creator of Jazzercise's daughter put an updated version on YouTube at the end of March to keep us moving at home. It’s more intense than the original and may appeal to people who usually hit the gym a few times a week.

Other people are enjoying working out with the woman who started the craze of home workout VHS tapes: Jane Fonda. You can watch the 45-minute video and try out her moves yourself. It’s a great way to get a workout and get some extra movement into your day! A favorite for one person on our team is Billy Blanks’ Tai Bo Workout that was released in the late ‘90s. Her friends used to do it together 20 years ago, and they recently did it together over a video chat. The dated music is fun to hear again. Cher’s 1992 “Hot Dance” is another great option. It teaches viewers fun, and simple, choreography will help you work up a sweat with some wonderful music. Also, Cher’s absurd and shocking workout outfit will make anyone laugh!

These older videos don’t pack the punch of a modern exercise class. But, these are great for people of all fitness levels! Whether you are missing the gym or just looking for exercise in your home, these are excellent. If you’re someone who is physically fit, they can be a good workout. And if you don’t regularly exercise, they can help you meet fitness goals. Their fun music will have you moving, get your pulse up and bring some fun to your day!

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