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Top Tips to Ward Off Mosquitoes

We always advocate for spending more time outdoors. We talk a lot about exercising. But, simply being outside is great for your mental and physical health. Time spent outside is an excellent way to unwind, relax and destress. However, it’s hard to unwind if you’re being eaten alive by mosquitoes!

You always see people having perfect days lounging about in their yards with family in movies. While we encourage you to enjoy your outside spaces to the fullest, mosquitoes exist in the real world. They are unwelcome company that make days and evenings less pleasant! Here are ways to make your yard less friendly for mosquitoes while remaining a wonderful space to enjoy.

For natural mosquito control, you should eliminate standing water in your yard where mosquitoes can lay eggs. Stopping them before they start is essential. Then, you can plant peppermint, basil, marigolds, catnip, lemon-eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary. While these plants can make your garden beautiful and smell wonderful to you, mosquitoes hate the scents! You’ll also get the bonus of having fresh peppermint, basil and rosemary to cook with! Plus, eating a lot of garlic can protect you from getting bitten. Mosquitoes hate the scent of the chemical changes the human body has after eating garlic. You weren’t far off the mark if you have ever thought you were sweating garlic after a garlic-heavy meal!

While some people swear by citronella candles, the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) says they don’t do any more to deter mosquitos than any other smokey candle. The AMCA suggests using yellow “Bug Lights” from GE in outdoor spaces. They attract fewer insects than incandescent bulbs. While you may be tempted to get a bug-zapper, it’s not worth it and may backfire! While they kill large amounts of insects, a study found that only between 4.1 and 6.4 percent of those bugs were mosquitoes. Many of the insects were beneficial; some were mosquito predators. Yards with and without the zappers had roughly the same amounts of mosquitoes. But, the bug-zappers had killed many helpful insects that were also food sources for birds. The AMCA also says that ultrasonic devices are useless and can be expensive.

Spraying yourself with DEET, OFF! and Repel are all effective ways of avoiding bites. While Repel is lemon-eucalyptus oil-based, DEET and OFF! are both chemical-based but have been on the market for years. The EPA considers them both safe, and the American Academy of Pediatrics says everyone over the age of two months can use DEET without concern.    

If you want an electric repeller for your outdoor space, your best option, according to experts, might be the Thermacell E55 Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller. It’s available through Amazon or for about $35. It is rechargeable. It has a longer repellent supply before you refill it than its competitors. And it’s easier to use than many of its competitors with a simple interface. It protects roughly a 20-foot square area when it’s not too windy. The repellent cartridges last for 40 hours.

With these tips, you should be spending more time outside during the day and evening, less afraid of getting bitten and just focusing on enjoying yourself!

Banner image: via Pexels

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