Five Last-minute Wellness Gifts They’ll Love

Christmas can be stressful. You can get down to the wire and miss someone off your gift list. The good news is it’s not too late to get everyone a gift. Because of services like Prime shipping from Amazon, you can get things rush delivered and still have them here for the big day!

Remember, everyone loves a homemade gift. If you have extra cookies or roasted nuts, they make a perfect present! They show care and that you took time to make something. If you prefer to give something homemade and non-edible, consider making bath bombs. The ingredients can be bought online. The steps are straightforward and don’t require special equipment. And it can be a fun craft if you have kids staying with you at the moment. One of the best things about them is that bath bombs are expensive in stores but cheap to make at home. You’ll be giving loved ones a luxury gift for just a few dollars each.

We also think gratitude journals are great for people on your list. Journaling has so many proven health benefits. We have written about journaling and gratitude journaling in the past. The nice thing about a gratitude journal, rather than a blank one, is that it gives you a road map and trains you on how to journal to improve your mood and outlook on life. It’s a way to give someone the gift of inner peace this holiday season!

Another great option is blue light filtering glasses. While some brands have flashy orange lenses most appear almost clear or slightly yellow. They are just normal-looking glasses people wear while watching screens. We have so many screens in our lives! Your loved ones may have received new phones, computers, tablets or videogames for the holidays. With inexpensive glasses, you can protect their eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays and the impact blue light has on sleep patterns. There are so many gorgeous designs to pick from you’re sure to find one that suits the people on your list!

Yoga mat cleaning spray is a great gift for any yoga enthusiast. Many people love yoga but don’t think about how clean their mat is. A good spray will make it smell nice, clean it, and leave it feeling smooth but not slippery. If it’s been a while since the person cleaned their mat, they may be horrified to see what’s on there! This brand comes with a microfiber cleaning towel. It’s also completely natural and non-toxic, not tested on animals and made with organic essential oils.

Finally, when winter weather is at its driest, we are continually moisturizing. Living with such low levels of moisture in the air is uncomfortable. You can save someone’s skin this winter with a mini humidifier. It can make the air more comfortable to breathe and be a pleasant nightlight for a nursery as well. It’s a versatile gift, and anyone would be thrilled to receive it. These last-minute gifts will help you give a thoughtful gift to everyone on your list, whether they have been naughty or nice!        

Banner image: George Dolgikh via Pexels

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