Four Eggs Sandwich Recipes to Enjoy Without the Carbs!

We love eggs! Research has confirmed, time after time, that they can help heart health, help you lose weight, aid healthy aging and more! Eggs are rich in vitamins and antioxidants and are a good source of protein.

Because of that research, we frequently share egg recipes. It’s possible that, in the future, new finds may change our stance on eggs. We’re always willing to listen to research. But, today, we are looking at tasty, low-carb alternatives to carb-heavy versions of egg sandwiches.

Breakfast Sandwich


We enjoy a traditional breakfast sandwich: meat, egg and cheese. The type of meat we like varies day-to-day, but those are the main components. Once you add bread, that can become a very carb-heavy way to start your day. That’s why we like this recipe, where — using the lids of mason jars — you make egg patties to replace the bread. If you have round cookie cutters, you could use those instead. These sandwiches give you all the flavor you want without the carbs! A sandwich has 337 calories and one gram of carbs! Get the recipe.

Low-carb Egg Salad Lettuce Wraps


Making any sandwich into a lettuce wrap instantly cuts down on carbs. While tortillas can sometimes be almost as high in carbs as regular sandwiches, you all but eliminate carbs once you swap bread for romaine. We like that romaine has a crunch. While we miss the bread, the texture makes this its own creation instead of a lackluster sandwich. But the reason we’re highlighting this recipe is that we really like the egg salad. It has more going on than many egg salad recipes we’ve come across. It uses slightly less mayo than we’re used to, it has more mustard and the use of dill pickles kicks it up. We really enjoy it and hope you do too! A serving has 303 calories with 3.8 grams of carbs and 1.2 grams of fiber. Get the recipe.

Hard-boiled Egg and Bacon Sandwich


We’ll admit it, these are gimmicky. Using a hard-boiled egg as the bread is a gimmick. But, the presentation is cute, and the results are delicious, so we are willing to overlook the gimmick! In regular times, we might suggest bringing these to a picnic or potluck, now they are something to enjoy at home. The recipe calls for avocado. We’ve been hesitant about avocado since the pandemic began. However, more and more evidence is mounting that COVID-19 is predominantly spread through the air and only rarely caught from surfaces. While we still think you should thoroughly wash produce with water after bringing it home from the store, scientists say eating avocado is low risk. A serving has 200 calories, four grams of carbs and two grams of fiber. Get the recipe.

Biscuit Breakfast Sandwiches


Our team has a soft spot for fast food breakfast items. As healthy eaters, we don’t indulge in them. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love them. There is a lot of discussion about which fast-food restaurants have the best sandwiches, eggs, hash browns. But, almost universally, we agree: biscuits win. Biscuits are the perfect bread all day every day. But, they are so high in carbs! That’s why we love this biscuit recipe that uses just five ingredients. When you’ve made them, you can toast them in a skillet, fill them with scrambled eggs and meat and enjoy a fast food-style sandwich in your own home. With an egg, a slice of bacon and three slices of avocado, a sandwich has 550 calories and eight grams of carbs. While that might be a little higher than we might typically eat for breakfast, it’s a steal compared to the drive-through! Get the recipe.

These egg recipes are just a few more of our favorites! We’re always interested in learning more. Do you have any favorite egg sandwich recipes? We would love to hear about them! Email us at!

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