Get Out There

Get Outdoors: the Light’s Great and the Weather’s Fine!

On Fridays, we love talking about getting outside. Whether we’re sharing news about the national parks, tips on exercise or ideas on outdoor activities, we are all about getting out and about!

This week we are making a call to action. The clocks changing means there are more daylight minutes in the afternoon. And, while it’s still technically winter, most places are getting warmer. It’s time to get out there!

Now is actually the best time of year to be outside. It’s better to be chilly than hot. You can add an extra layer; you can’t do as much about being overheated when you are outdoors. Cooler weather makes it easier to exercise outside. You can enjoy it more without sweating as much. And, even at this time of year, your body needs vitamin D. You can get it from some foods or take it as a supplement, but your skin can make it from sun exposure.

Most places that get snow have seen the last of it. Spring has mostly sprung! Officially, this Sunday will be the first day of spring. It’s a great time to start your spring clean-up from any detritus or branches that fell over the winter. Just keep in mind that you should wear suitable footwear. Either your ground is frozen and possibly slippery, or muddy and definitely slippery. Boots are a great choice this time of year.

The vital thing to keep in mind about getting out in cold weather is that layering your clothes will help you stay comfortable. You can add or remove layers as you wish and enjoy your day.  

If you plan on exercising more vigorously than a brisk walk, it’s essential to warm up your muscles before you begin. “With any movement-related activity, warm-ups and cool-downs are essential for cold weather activities,” said orthopedic surgeon Michael Scarcella. “I always recommend a dynamic warm-up, which uses movement to warm your muscles up as opposed to the more traditional static stretching which involved just holding positions.”

The perfect time to enjoy the outside world is whenever you can do it! With tons of daylight in the afternoon and mild temperatures, it’s an excellent time. While it feels chilly, it will be far too soon that we’re all complaining about the heat and hiding from the scorching sun. So, get out there and enjoy it! Your physical and mental health will thank you.

Banner image:  Felix Mittermeier via Pexels

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