One Thing to Add to Your Coffee for Health

We have written a lot about coffee over the years. Coffee has many health benefits, and scientists are continually researching it to learn more about how it impacts our bodies. There’s debate about what time to drink it, how much is helpful, and the healthiest preparation method. There’s one thing they agree on: to reap the benefits of coffee, you have to leave out the cream and sugar. But, there might be an additive that can make your coffee more beneficial. And no, we’re not talking about lemon.

Adding collagen peptides can add protein to coffee. It can be bought in unflavored powdered form. It tastes of nothing but can help you feel full. You can also add it as a creamer. However, we wouldn’t recommend that as it adds extra sugar to your day, and creamer versions rarely have as much protein as just the unflavored powder.

Adding collagen peptides is a great coffee habit for weight loss because it gives you a boost of protein, which may help support a feeling of satiety in the morning without affecting the taste of your coffee at all,” said registered dietitian nutritionist Lauren Manaker.

Some people mistakenly think that hot coffee will damage the collagen already in your body or negate what you put in your cup. That isn’t true. Collagen has to get to 572 degrees Fahrenheit to be damaged. Adding collagen to your coffee won’t replace harmed collagen in your body. It will just add extra protein to your diet.

Bulletproof coffee — coffee with butter in it — has been praised by keto followers for kickstarting their day with fat. This is sort of the same idea but, instead of saturated fat, it’s protein. And, unlike butter, adding collagen peptides doesn’t change the taste of your coffee. We’re reluctant to enthusiastically endorse adding saturated fat to your diet. But collagen peptides are an excellent way to greet the morning.

You should be aware that the powder does have calories. If you are on a calorie-restricted diet, be sure to factor that into your plan. As always, you should read the label. Treat collagen peptides like anything else you would put into your body! And, while brands may claim it’s a “fountain of youth,” be wary. We always think those giant claims are way too good to be true.

Studies have found that collagen peptides can help joint health and reduce joint pain. It can help the appearance of skin. And it can help the lining of your gut. However, its most significant benefit is that it’s a way to get more protein into your diet. These other perks are just that: perks. They aren’t the selling point. Moreover, we wouldn’t recommend using it as a meal replacement the way some people claim.

All in all, stirring collagen peptides into your morning coffee can be a great way to get more protein into your day, feel full longer and help you avoid cravings for carbs.

Banner image: Toni Cuenca via Pexels

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