Talk About Your Medications with Your Doctor

We love to use the time change as a way to schedule tasks. In the past, we wrote about using the date to check your smoke alarm. It can be an annual reminder to make sure you are safe in your home.

Some tasks are essential to do annually to stay safe and healthy. Scheduling them with the season makes it easier to remember. Many of us get overwhelmed during our annual physical. There is a lot to discuss and so many questions to answer. It’s easy for things to slip your mind once you’re in the doctor’s office.

Making an appointment to talk to your doctor about your medications is crucial to maintaining good health. We have written about the fact that October is “Talk About Prescriptions Month” in the past. But if there has ever been a blog worth repeating, this is it.

By discussing all of your medications and the dosages you are taking, you can ensure your primary care physician has a complete overview of your current health. Many of us go to specialists who prescribe us meds for different concerns without being fully aware of all our other issues. That can lead to overprescribing. When you sit down with a doctor who knows your complete medical history, you can work together to learn if you are taking the right medications at the proper dosages.

You should never hesitate to ask your doctor questions. Learn if you are taking your medications correctly, if any changes in your health could be side effects of meds and if there are generic versions available that could save you money. Write down your questions before you go in, as well as a list of all your medications and dosages — including over-the-counter drugs and supplements.  

In 2020 and 2021, when we were told to stay home, many of us switched to telemedicine. It was excellent to have faster access to our doctors. However, some of us lost our more personal connection with our primary doctor, leading us to be on more medications without their knowledge. Sitting down and having a frank discussion about the current state of your health and your medications can help you learn if you are taking the right medications correctly.

Being on the right medications makes a world of difference to your health! Being both over- and undermedicated can seriously harm your well-being. In our modern lives, we have many specialists to help with all our needs. While it’s excellent to have so many specialized doctors to assist us. When they don’t have a unified plan, the drugs we’re taking can spiral out of control. Sitting down with your primary care physician can make you confident that you are following the best health plan for you.

Banner image: Ksenia Yakovleva via Unsplash

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