Why Hummus Is a Great Snack to Reach for

So often, we think of the foods we can’t have. We try to stick to eating three meals a day as research shows again and again that it’s the healthiest way to maintain a healthy weight. But, trying to give up all snacks can be very hard. And, going “cold-turkey” on snacks can lead to eating unhealthy snacks we wouldn’t choose if we had allowed ourselves to have a snack before.

If you are someone who likes snacks, that’s okay! It’s all about finding a healthy snack and sticking to a sensible portion. We always think veggies are a great way to go. You get fiber for fullness, nutrients and vitamins, no fat and plenty of water to hydrate you. But, if you start dipping your vegetables into tasty things, you can run into many problems.

Lots of times, dips for veggies are filled with sugar and fat. They can make a healthy snack into something you would want to pass up. Unfortunately, your virtuous treat can become worse than a bowl of chips. That’s why we like to reach for hummus as a dip for veggies!

Hummus is just four ingredients: chickpeas, olive oil, tahini and lemon juice. If you read the packaging, you can get a healthy one from the store. There’s no need to make it at home! While chickpeas aren’t low in carbs, they’re high in fiber. They have a low GI. Chickpea flour has been taking off in low-carb cooking because of its high content of vitamins and nutrients.

Hummus has a great mix of protein, fat and fiber that can keep you full and aid weight loss. One study found that people who ate hummus in the afternoon were 20 percent less likely to want dessert in the evening. That’s a big difference! And, it’s so delicious it can change veggies from being something you snack on just to fill a “snack void” into being your favorite!

It tastes nothing like ranch, spinach or onion dip. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing! While hummus might not be your go-to, it’s certainly worth trying again. It’s great to know that you are enhancing the healthiness of your snack rather than just making boring raw broccoli more appealing! You get a delicious snack that has benefits. It even helps your gut as it contains prebiotic fiber — the food for the good bacteria of your microbiome.

We’re repeatedly told not to snack by nutritionists. But, we live in a world where sitting down to three meals a day isn’t always possible. Instead, make your snack time a way to enjoy a healthy and delicious serving of hummus!  

Banner image: Adam Bartoszewicz via Unsplash

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