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How to Exercise During Allergy Season

Allergy season came early this year. Anyone struggling with seasonal allergies knows the allergy season can drag on. Spring blossoms are beautiful to look at but can be a nightmare for people with sensitivities.

In a recent blog, we spoke about ways to help yourself. We wrote about things like keeping your windows closed, changing your clothes when you come indoors, taking medication and paying attention to the pollen count. Life doesn’t just stop when pollen is in the air; you must find ways to live comfortably.

For many people, allergy season can put a stop to exercising outdoors. That’s a shame as outdoor exercise is a great activity. If your allergies are severe, indoor activities might be your only option. But if you love getting outside, there are ways to make your life easier!

While the pollen count can be high, most of the country’s weather is still mild. Poor Arizona is already scorching, but most of us are still enjoying cool days. Even in warm places, getting outside early is possible. Getting outdoors early is also best for folks with allergies as pollen count peaks during midday.

You should always wear a hat and sunglasses while outdoors. A hat and sunglasses will protect you from harmful UV light. They also stop pollen from getting in your eyes and settling on your head. The more of your skin that’s covered, the better. Giving pollen as few opportunities to get into your system is essential to enjoying your day!

You should always warm up when you exercise to avoid injuries. However, at this time of year, it can also be helpful for your lungs. Warming up may prepare your lung for more pressure so they under less acute stress while you’re outside.  

You should also consider matching your activity to your allergies. Swimming could be an excellent activity if you are allergic to grass pollen. Higher elevations can also have less pollen, so a hike up any mountains in your area might be a great fit for you!

Check out your local pollen count before you leave home and plan your day accordingly. For some folks, as little as planning the right activity and time of day can make it a great day. Others might need to take more serious steps, like arming themselves with masks or medications.

No matter how you tackle it, we hope you enjoy getting outdoors in the beautiful spring weather. It won’t last forever!

Banner image: Pixabay via Pexels

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